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Congress left SPEECHLESS as as Trump Media CEO Completely HUMILIATE Adam Schiff With new FACTS

Contributor: Jbradley Wed, Jun 19, '24

The Democrats have been decietful beyond measure for way to long

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Flynn campares 60's assasinations to current Trump Inditements

Contributor: Jbradley Fri, May 3, '24

Trump, under multiple inditements, is being narativelly assasinated.

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Steady Pipeline of Forever Wars

Contributor: Jbradley Thu, Mar 28, '24

JFK junior talks about Steady Pipeline of Forever Wars

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AI is coming fast Warroom

Contributor: Jbradley Tue, Mar 19, '24

AI could get out of hand when big money gets behind it.

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Gas prices remain higher this week

Contributor: Jbradley Tue, May 9, '23

Lot of Hot Air but spendy Gasy

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Autopsy results of the vaccinated

Contributor: Jbradley Sun, Sep 19, '21

Dr. Ryan Cole discusses autopsy results of people who were recently vaccinated. HORRIFYING! *MUST SEE*

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